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Our Patriot Dead are Turning in Their Graves

Margaret Quinn • 25 March 2005

Six women whose brother/fiancee, Robert McCartney, was slaughtered by high-ranking members of Sinn Fein’s military wing, allegedly aided by SF election workers, have turned out to be more trouble than the republican leadership is used to. Strong, articulate, and independent, the McCartneys remain determined to have the veil of silence surrounding their loved one’s brutal murder lifted.

This seems to be rattling SF leaders, despite their self-serving proclamations of support, albeit belated and hypocritical, for the women’s peace and justice campaign.

Thus the SF-led whispering crusade – designed at undermining the McCartneys’ quest for justice – began a week or so ago. My only surprise is, it didn’t start sooner.

Now to the IRA’s Easter statement, which mentions my nephew Robert’s slaughter.

I find its omissions more interesting than its inclusions. For example, it states that it “moved quickly” and “tried to assist in whatever way we can”. Indeed!

Omitted was the fact that the quick movement and assistance was by an IRA clean-up squad, called in to forensically cleanse the mess left in the bar by the IRA and SF psychopaths who slaughtered Robert that awful night, thereby assisting the butchers, not the family.

Nor did it mention that IRA personnel removed all the CCTV tapes and intimidated the witnesses into silence.

This operation removed all evidence vital for a speedy and just conclusion of what the IRA rightly calls a crime.

By continuing with: “Unfortunately, it would appear that no matter what we do it will never be enough for some” – a pointed reference to the McCartneys – the IRA showed its true face. This is a face that is ugly and malevolent and deeply involved in the whispering/smear campaign against the grieving family, a member of which some of its personnel slaughtered.

The statement went on to declare: “Those in the political and media establishments, who have been so quick to jump on the bandwagon, have again laid bare their own hypocrisy.”

This leads me to ask, was hosting the McCartneys at their Ard Fheis not a (failed) SF party political damage limitation exercise? And what of the meetings with the family, carefully choreographed to ensure maximum photo opportunities to “demonstrate” the SF leaders’ so-called “commitment” to helping the family?

They were certainly instances of jumping on the bandwagon. More importantly, they were sheer hypocrisy, considering the difference between what Adams et al were telling the family and what they actually knew – that the majority of people in the bar that night were IRA and SF members. Then the republican leaders had the audacity to publicly call on witnesses to “come forward”, while warning those, forced through exposure to do so, to say nothing. Hypocrisy epitomised!

On “Our patriot dead are not criminals,” I tend to agree. Most fought and died, perhaps misguidedly, for what they believed was a just cause.

But the SF and IRA thugs who murdered Robert McCartney and others who either disagreed with the party’s recent policies, or refused to bow to republican bullies, undoubtedly are. Yet the organisation continues to shield them, thus tainting “our patriot dead” by association.

As for, “we demonstrated our continuing support for this process” – indeed it has.

In my view, the IRA, led by SF fascists, is turning a once honourable and respected organisation into gangs of cigarette and diesel smugglers, bank robbers, mutilatisers of nationalist youth etc, in addition to a “safe-house” for murderers. Moreover, in the past ten years it has metamorphosised from an organisation that protects its own communities into one that polices and oppresses them, all to ensure the continuation of the lucrative ‘process’ without bringing peace.

Do you not feel the earth move beneath your feet as “our [numerous] patriot dead” collectively turn in their graves?!

Returning to my nieces, armed only with their love for Robert, a thirst for peace and justice and steely determination, they battle on. For them, justice for Robert will signal that peace has become a reality where it really matters, on the ground in the north of Ireland. Against them is a huge, powerful, well-financed political and paramilitary machine just as determined to demonise the women and have them ostracised by their community and supporters through innuendo and smear tactics. The longer it goes on, the more sleazy the smears will become.

Who will win is, at this stage, anyone’s guess. However, I think I know which side “our patriot dead” would be cheering for – not the butchers and criminals but those fighting for the ideals for which they gave their lives.












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