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Civil Case/Witch Hunt

For a plaintiff to win a civil case the case must be proved by a preponderance of the evidence.

N. Corey • 17 May 2005

Well it was inevitable, wasn't it? If Omagh can have one, why not the McCartneys too? What am I referring to? That auld Salem legacy, the witch hunt of course. And all funded by the EU...but only if the PSNI fail in their investigation. Waaoooow!

And just like Omagh, if you are of a republican nature, you are guilty until proven guilty...don't let the lack of, or more precisely, the non-existence, of evidence stand in the way. The PSNI will help you out there by either re-inventing it or, even better, call in experts to prove that they, the PSNI, haven't a hope in hell of proving who done it. Oops, sorry; the experts were brought in to prove that the PSNI were quite correct in their belief of who was responsible, even before the bomb went off.

Just take the word of your honourable community "bobby", the same "bobby" who has inflicted state Unionist terror on you and your community since day one. The same "bobby" who has informed the McCartneys that their lives and property are in danger from "criminal elements," who the media have broadly interpreted as the representatives of the republican movement.

Justice isn't the sole possession of the injured party. The accused also have a right to justice and are, not presumed, they are innocent until proven guilty and have the right by their very existence to a fair trial. Like Omagh, will we hear calls for the accused to be denied legal aid in their right to representation in court?...This so called civil case (witch hunt) that in truth was cleverly orchestrated by the British state, shares not the interests of the McCartney family in bringing to justice those who murdered Robert McCartney but its sole purpose of support by the British is to undermine republicanism in these 6 counties.

Civil actions of this nature tend to pander to the public's emotions and quite often as these actions are funded by the public they, the public, want a return on their money. And so, even under the circumstances where a "police force" which is acceptable by the whole of the community, and where these forces of law and order have not failed (if there is no evidence then there is no evidence) but simply are unable to bring to court the perpetrators of a crime, justice cannot be served by the hounding of those same perpetrators who have been identified and associated with the crime through other means such as media reports; and neither based on evidence that the police felt was not strong enough to convict them with in the first place. This would only leave the doors wide open to miscarriages of justice and undermine the validity of any proceeding. A scoundrel is a scoundrel, but not guilty of all crimes whispered alongside their reputation.

If the civil action fails can those, the accused, return the favour on the McCartneys? And how much money will be awarded to them from the EU to fight their case for compensation?

Can justice only be seen to be done when a person(s) is publicly vilified at whatever cost?









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22 May 2005

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