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Congress Must Investigate How Brian Nelson Lived in US

Fr. Sean Mc Manus • April 27 2003

CAPITOL HILL. APRIL 27, 20003 -- Irish-Americans are demanding that the U.S. Congress launch an investigation into how notorious Brian Nelson was allowed to relocate and live in Florida (if reports in The Sunday Life, April 27, 2003 are true).

"Why was a man who specialised -- with the help of the British Army and Northern Ireland police -- in killing Catholics allowed to relocate and settle in the United States when there was such a strict policy of barring anyone form Northern Ireland with a terrorist record?", is the question Father Sean Mc Manus, President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus is posing to key members of Congress involved in the Irish issue.

"This surely is an urgent question with profound implications becuse there is danger it could give the impression that the U.S.-- in harboring Nelson and giving him safe passage -- was colluding with the British Government's policy of assassinating Catholics in Northern Ireland. The Congress has a duty to investigate and find out the truth", Father Mc Manus concluded.

















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27 April 2003


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