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Governments Lie
"Among all the things I'm going to tell you today about being a journalist, all you have to remember is two words:
governments lie."
- I. F. Stone
Author's note: Even I. F. Stone forgot his own advice..

Karen Lyden Cox • April 2003

Scorn is reserved for irresponsible American presidents, most. #42 can't expect even that much homage from us. Top-drawer chicane. Rogues with unnatural appetites for war-games gape at the thoroughness of #42's connivance. One unnerving facet is the tangle of religion and state. Religion and state, not spiritual morality and state. Bush #42 says that his god, the one he shares with #51 Tony Blair, instructed them to order the deed with the conviction of zealots. They did. We said no. Just precisely when in doom the 'holy' massacre with all its fiendish residue grinds to a final halt will be the long history.

The first outcome was known before the sprint was underway: newborn babies and old grandmothers, teenage boys and the handicapped, pregnant mothers and pets, journalists and the innocent would be killed. And they were. They were murdered with all the dead soldiers who were absolutely certain they were on the right side. In the second outcome, butchery the length and breadth of the sprint killed either hope or humanity in those who survived mostly intact. The forthcoming annals will be like old narratives plus that which modern fear imagines.

Mssrs. #42 and #51 canvassed with carpetbags of promissory notes for a coalition of the willing to undertake the sprint to Baghdad. José María Aznar López, #9 of Spain, seemed to be the first to hoist his hand. For alibi, Bush's shadow people selected the term coalition to be spooned up piping hot with generous servings of mishmash and old propaganda. Never has word imagery unwittingly laid out the root of evil so perfectly bare-naked: Bush, Blair, and their coalition, all thieves, so deep in each other's pockets that they can't spare a hand to rob another's. That's why they never work alone.

The ever-tractable Colin Powell recited thirty countries in the showcase of earnest political subservience to the U.S. regime: Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, and Uzbekistan. He did not say what they gave and what they got.

Some others, alluded to but as yet unnamed for us, are surreptitiously involved with the thirty-one. None of the thirty-one plus the vaporous speak with authority on behalf of the billions of sagacious people who live in those places. The sagacious people are having a revolution, relief! They recognize the shortage of social health.

The dissent of France, Russia, Germany, and China was cheering for a moment. After a more probing gaze, it's the game. War or no war in Iraq, the entire ascendancy will stand to profit. Water, oil, and more. Their mask of outrage avoids the obvious guilt of overt complicity while they retain the useful face of forceless vexation.

The cycle of coveting the goods, meddling and lying, stealing and killing, fomenting terrorism, and repeat, erupts with the familiar odor of old policy and arrogant selves. The coalesced are simply all too obviously what we already took them to be. International sycophants. Courtiers. Lickers. They made others willing and sent them sprinting headlong into a shower of roses and the flesh of suicide bombers. For liberation, democracy, and the safety of the world.

This is the liberation procedure which begets democracy and safety: It begins as all is destroyed and there is the wailing and the gnashing of teeth. Then the corpses are deposited and the barbarians who ordered or did slaughter permit the dole of water, food, drugs, culture, banking, and the new educational system.

Raunchy foreigners and shifty natives embedded together accrue masses of material wealth from the post-destruction reconstruction. This conjugal group extracts their former tyrannical selection, exalts another styled in vogue, and forms a kakistocracy of suit-and-tie talking heads. Eventually, the willing are sent away and given bits of metal and ribbons to wear and less of health care.

All along the sprint, omnipotent control regularizes cruelty and human degradation. Viewers are transfixed with horror until repetitive shocks and long exposure desensitize them. Film tricks, newspeak, prolefeed ("rubbishy entertainment and spurious news handed out to the masses"), and bald-faced lies create converts overcome with hebetude and the joy of stroking the cream of glitterati. Vestiges of all truth are destroyed. Humans are further in decline.

The newly-liberated cannot comprehend why two Anglo-Saxon men are so fervor bound to excoriate from six thousand miles away as they command from the bowels of a macabre funhouse bathed in minatory occult perversions of ancient symbolism while bestowing heinous blessings from a counterfeit almighty. Ambrose Bierce, 1911, offers a fitting paradigm in the "W"s:

WASHINGTONIAN, n. A Potomac [native American] tribesman who exchanged the privilege of governing himself for the advantage of good government. In justice to him it should be said that he did not want to.

American President Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, perhaps better known in other venues, says without qualm "What is more important to the history of the world? Some stirred-up Muslims, or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the Cold War?" Brzezinski is perpetually enraptured with himself and his mates for giving the Soviets their very own Vietnam in Afghanistan, and consequently America's nine eleven. His defensive "Nonsense!!" cuts loose like a ballsy shriek from inside the protection of a mob of shills.

Accustomed to sublime pomp, is he obviously put-out or joking about Her Majesty's rinky-dink backdrop of cheap little lamps, gauche lampshades, and hollowcore closet doors? Perhaps Saddam's freshly-scrubbed solid gold and marble loo will satisfy. It's the newly-confiscated property of Nos. 42 @ 1600 Pennsylvania and 51 @ 10 Downing.

Owing to the rabid quest of Mssrs. Bush and Blair, the long roster of American presidents and British prime ministers who precede them, their truckling staff and aides, a ghostly fringe of advisers, the string-pulling upper crust who hop along beside, and toadies like Brzezinski (chump or mastermind?), the rest of us have yet to experience the fullness of "some stirred-up Muslims." Governors make poisonous errors. The Reaper sniffs the air for whiffs of provocation and finding some It will devour yet another incalculable clutch of victims before It's driven back into torment.

There is talk that Bush, Blair, and their fraternity are cultists, insane, psychopathic, or afflicted with Hubris and Ate. Whatever they are afflicted with, it is quite clear their personal god is different from the Ones of virtue who wholeheartedly concur with: less of self, acts of compassion, the practice of ending lies and stealing, living non-violence, respect for all life, meticulous care of this planet, and rigorously avoiding killing. And, that Nemesis will follow, Mssrs. Bush and Blair. The Ones of immense virtue, not your one, concur that Nemesis will follow.


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24 April 2003


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