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Niall Fennessy, Irish Freedom Committee • 13 April 2005

As the British must have noted with glee, Gerry Adams can’t unsay what he has said. Now the Provisional movement is forced to consider the two options given them while the public waits, and equally so, the Irish American community --on whose back Adams became a fundraising superstar-- has to justify its fair-weather activism.

As the largest of organizations in the community, and thus the one on who the onus of leadership by exposure is lain, Irish Northern Aid has staved off this demand for reflection by aping Sinn Fein rhetoric and dismissing all dissention with blind aggression.

Their allegiance to Sinn Fein through that party’s surrender of three key Irish Republican positions destroyed what great efforts that organization had accomplished through the preceding decades. This self-absolution criminalized Irish Republicanism, removed Ireland’s constitutional and historic claim of the island, and allowed for a new Stormont Authority which Sinn Fein had specifically condemned in 1973.

Throw in the deafening silence concerning the mafia tactics of the Provisional IRA against members of the Irish nationalist communities, the Northern Bank heist, and the killings of fellow Irish Republicans and, I believe, one would be hard pressed to accept the legitimacy of NORAID‘s continued mission.

So uninspired have the communities here fallen that it is not unusual to hear Irish Republicanism denigrated to having a Red State- Blue State US electoral context. This is too great a failure to go unheeded. The apathetic nature of activism in our communities have reached a new low, ignoring and insulting the historical importance of our past.

The ties between Ireland and the US are profound. We are cousins, brothers, sisters, family. We have here the graves of thousands of Irish Patriots who owned little more than the knowledge of their homeland deprived of them. From Wolfe Tone’s wife to the rescued Fenians of the Catalpa, we are as responsible to their sacrifices as we are to our own.

The fear exhibited by members of Irish Northern Aid when confronting these issues is often exacerbated by their inability to rationalize the enthusiasm of their support for the Provisionals of the 1980’s versus Sinn Fein’s participation in a British Administration. That
contradictions so blatantly obvious can remain unchecked is a wound growing with infection.

This past Saturday, April 16, the Irish Freedom Committee hosted a multi-band concert on Chicago’s far Southside. This event is an effort to raise awareness of the status and inhumane treatment of over one hundred Irish Republican Prisoners currently incarcerated. For more information please see the events page at






















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All censorships exist to prevent any one from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently the first condition of progress is the removal of censorships.
- George Bernard Shaw

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