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Easter Rising Statement

Oglaigh na hEireann • April 20 2003

The leadership of Oglaigh na hEireann, at this critical juncture in the history of Irish Republicanism take this opportunity to extend fraternal greetings to our comrades. Both in the field and those imprisoned, because of their commitment to the struggle for national liberation and their continued adherence to the authentic and principled teachings of our heroic patriot dead, exemplified by the sacrifice of Robert Emmet, whose bi-centenary we commemorate this year, and epic deeds of our illustrious martyrs of Easter Week 1916. We also acknowledge the aid and support unselfishly provided by our supporters and friends at home in Ireland and overseas. Likewise, we emphasise our support and solidarity with all those oppressed peoples throughout the world, who struggle against the evil and tyranny of imperialist military might and colonial exploitation. Your struggle for liberty, truth and justice is our struggle.

At this poignant point in time in the republican calendar we remember with pride all those, from every generation, who made the supreme sacrifice in the fight for Irish freedom and the re-establishment of the Republic, endorsed by the popular will of the Irish people in 1918. We are particular mindful though, given the present day political developments, brought about by a political process whose architects are counter-insurgency experts in the British and Free-State establishments, of sacrifices made by republican Volunteers in the decades since 1969.

It is not surprising, given the extent of suffering endured by Republican communities throughout Ireland, set against the spider’s web of treachery and deceit which has emanated over the past decade from Downing Street, Stormont, Hillsborough Castle, Leinster House, Dublin Castle and Parnell Square, that many Republicans should feel a deep sense of despondency and betrayal. While it is true that former comrades have fallen for the illusion of political power at Stormont and been lured by its accompanying fool’s gold, true Republicans refuse to dwell on the negative and remain focused on the task at hand and are steadfast in their commitment and loyalty to fundamental Republican principles. The lessons of history spell out to us in stark reality as to what the future holds for those who abandon republicanism and opt for the road of political pragmatism and constitutionalism.

We urge all Republicans to take heart from those who have remained faithful to their Republicans beliefs and steadfast in their determination to carry out any action which is required of them to enhance the cause for which so much was sacrificed by so many. We salute our Volunteers and commend our prisoners whose courageous and principled stand in their refusal to accept criminalisation is an inspiration to us all. The volunteers appreciate the fact that the task which lies ahead will be difficult in the extreme, given the strength of the forces which are ranged against us. The potency of the political and military system which confront us was underlined by the scandalous choice of location for the Bush/Blair War Summit in relation to Iraq. Let there be no doubt about it that venue was chosen as a deliberate, vindictive, symbolic gesture to Irish Republicans to drive the message home to us that Six-Counties, from a British perspective, is an integral part of the United Kingdom. This deliberate insult to the Irish people and its resultant diminution of the Irish sovereignty and neutrality was exacerbate by the participation of representatives of the Dublin Governament, the S.D.L.P. and the Provisionals in this scandalous charade. The damage inflicted on the dignity and self respect of the Irish nation by this shameful obeisance to the war lords of Washington and London will serve to strengthen the determination of the Volunteers of Oglaigh na hEireann to re-kindle the revolutionary spirit of our Republican fore-fathers and fallen comrades. We pledge ourselves here today never to desist until the cause for which they sacrificed their lives viz. The 32 County Democratic Socialist Republic becomes a political reality.

Our former comrades, by their support for and acceptance of the 1998 Stormont Agreement have a copper-fastned partition, recognized the legitimacy of British rule in the Six-Counties, helped to administer British rule in a British Legislative Assembly, destroyed weapons, in response to British and Unionists demands in an unprecedented action, weapons which were obtained to assist us in the struggle for Irish freedom. They are now about to embark upon a process which will see them become members of and administrators of a British colonial police force, the 21st century version of the Broy Harriers. To them, at this late stage, we recommend the words of Padraig Pearse:

I make the contention that the national demand of Ireland is fixed and determined; that, that demand had been made by every generation; that we of this generation receive it as a trust from our fathers; that we are bound by it; that we have not the right to alter it or to abate it by one jot and that any undertaking made in the name of Ireland to accept in full satisfaction of Ireland’s claim anything less than generations of Ireland have stood for is null and void.

We for our part, remain faithful to Pearse’s assertion and pledge our determination in the words of Theobald Wolfe Tone, the father of Irish republicanism “to break the connection with England the never failing source of all our political evils to assert the independence of our Country.”.

In the final salutation, to all those from every generation who made the supreme sacrifice, we reiterate that we are in this struggle for the long haul until ultimate victory is achieved. Let all be clear, we will settle for nothing less.



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27 April 2003


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