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Partitionists and Non Truth Tellers
George Young • 31 January 2004

After reading about the proposal of a non-segregated cemetery at Cross on the Irvinestown Road near Enniskillen, I can't say that I was surprised to see that Sinn Fein (the Party of Partition) had raised objections to the burying of Republican/Nationalist/Catholic stiffs amongst the Loyalist/Protestant stiffs, but what did amaze me was that the Ulster Unionists had no objections, so I decided to do a bit of detective work, to find out what the Loyalist population actually did think.

I made a few telephone calls to former associates in the area and found that the feeling within the Protestant community was exactly the same as the Party of Partition's.

Therefore, the Unionists were not truly representing the feelings within their own electorate.

One former associate told me that their biggest objection was, "Good Orangemen could be buried in ground that was consecrated by a Roman Catholic priest."
Considering that I was born a Protestant myself and have yet to meet a "Good Orangeman", and was left imagining some poor eejit being buried, dressed in all his Orange regalia, silently screaming "NO!" at the top of his voice, it was all I could do to stop myself from bursting out laughing and offending this former associate.
Do these people not realise that they are paying homage to a hunch-backed, homosexual, Dutch, vertically challenged, mercenary?

Not that there is anything wrong with being any single one of the above things but all five at the same time, I ask you? And yet another tip of the hat to the little gentleman in the dark velvet suit!

(For the unenlightened amongst Blanket readers, William was killed by falling from his horse named Sorrel, which wasn't white, contrary to popular misconception, after it stumbled on a molehill)

Now, to the Party of Partition, I see that their own personal police force (the PIRA) have been re-enforcing the will of the leadership on fellow republicans fom the 32 County Sovereignty Movement with the shooting of Prisoner's Welfare activist George McCall. I wonder if they have been taking lessons from their recruit from the RUC, after all, shooting republican activists is something that the RUC have always had a special aptitude for.

Mr McCall's crime? Daring to tell the truth about the GFA.

How can a party which uses Freedom (SAOIRSE) as its banner justify this type of activity on its behalf and even worse, how can the people who committed this act, who themselves fought a thirty year war for 32 County Sovereignty, justify it?

Ten dead men must be turning in their graves!

So, it seems that things on the political front in Nortern Ireland haven't really changed since the beginning of the Peace Process. The Unionists still disagree for the sake of disagreement and Sinn Fein have lived up to their reputation as the Party of Partition.










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All censorships exist to prevent any one from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently the first condition of progress is the removal of censorships.
- George Bernard Shaw

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31 January 2004


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