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Reflection on an Election

Patrick Hurley • 19 November 2004

On Nov 3, the Irish American Community woke up, relieved to find that the United States had evaded the clutches of the indecisive, spineless, shameless opportunist, John Kerry. The millions of jubilant Irish American GOPers nationwide, and the thousands of deliriously delighted NYS Conservative Party members of that ethnicity, would, no doubt, be perplexed to learn that, in the words of Teflon Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, their ancestral homeland enjoys “a special relationship with the Democratic Party.”

Camelot is ancient history. The Democratic Party has long ago deserted the values and ethos of Irish America. For Irish Americans, Uncle Teddy, his assorted nephews, Bill, Hill, their Clintonista acolytes, John Kerry, and Terry McAuliffe, among others, are merely figures of fun, ridicule, disdain and derision. This election, like none before it, has emphasized the yawning ideological gap between the Dublin 4 establishment and the Irish American Community. In the words of Michael Collins, “There’s more than a stretch of water between them and us”.

An indisputable Electoral College majority, with an overwhelming endorsement of the popular vote, has propelled Dubya back to the Oval Office. He is the first president, since 1988, to obtain a majority in both the college and the plebiscite. More Americans voted for him, close on 60 million, than for any other presidential candidate in U.S. history. Even in the Blue States the trend was positive. In New York State, Dubya’s vote increased by 350,000 over the previous contest. Incredibly, here in “Moscow on the Hudson”, AKA New York City, his share was up by 36%.

The GOP increased its majorities in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. The party also controls a majority of gubernatorial mansions. Thus, the election result imposes a definitive stay on the erosion of traditional values and the deconstruction of the American ethos. All eleven states, which had Gay Marriage as a ballot issue, decisively rejected the concept.

The Republican and conservative grassroots have been energized. Disoriented, confused Republicans, like Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, who have dared to hint at a challenge to Dubya, the people’s champion, are suffering their wrath. Specter, who intimated that he might not endorse strict constructionist judicial candidates proposed by the president, quickly realized that his coveted chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee might be the penalty for his disloyalty.

As per the New York Sun, it was only “after submitting an extraordinary statement underscoring his support for Bush judicial nominees” that he received the endorsement of the other GOP members of the Judiciary Committee. The final decision will rest with the full Senate in January. That leaves plenty of time for the confused one’s aspirations to be frustrated.

The election result was a major repudiation of the national, and international, left wing elite, and their media mouthpieces, who salivated for Dubya’s demise. In their lust for a GOP defeat, The New York Times, CBS a la Dan Rathergate, ABC a la Memogate and CNN glaringly exposed their transparent anti Bush agenda. They have lost all credibility and continue a well-deserved slide into oblivion. These conceited, elitist left wing propaganda organs arrogantly misjudged the shrewdness of the ordinary American citizen

In the weeks before Nov. 2nd, the global leftie media establishment, in a last pathetic effort, endeavored to adversely impact Dubya’s campaign. Paragons of objectivity such as The Guardian of the United Kingdom, Le Monde of France and Spain’s El Pais, commissioned a series of polls in ten countries, Canada, France, Britain, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Mexico, Russia and Israel. Allegedly, a clear landslide in favor of Kerry was the outcome in eight of the ten, including Australia.

However, it was the Australian results, which emphasized the utter lack of credibility that permeated the exercise. “The poll” found that only 28% of Australians supported Bush. A week later, in the general election, the only poll that matters, and in which Australia’s Iraqi involvement was a major campaign issue, the pro Bush John Howard and his Conservative Alliance were returned to power in a landslide. As the comedian said “It’s the way I tell ’em”. For the prejudiced left wing pollster, it may well be, “It’s the way I ask ‘em”. .

In addition, The Guardian audaciously inserted itself into the election, by calling on its readers to write to the residents of Clark County, in Ohio, urging them to vote for Kerry. The county in going for Dubya gave The Guardian a loud, clear, unequivocal reply.

The main mouthpieces for the Dublin 4 establishment, RTE and the Irish Times, certainly have egg on their faces. One could only squirm on witnessing the performance of RTE’s Carole Coleman, in her interview of Dubya. For Ireland, it was an embarrassment of epic proportions. Ms. Coleman came across as a rude, arrogant, obnoxious, prejudiced, hectoring, anti American radical. She exhibited not one iota of professionalism or objectivity. The general reaction from Americans, who watched the debacle, was shock, followed by dismay at the immature, amateurish standard of Irish “journalism”. Blissful in their ignorance, RTE and Ms. Coleman were cock a hoop, believing that they had pulled of some kind of coup. They really should try and get out of their fish bowl more.

An editorial endorsement of Kerry, no matter how ill founded, following a balanced presentation of opinion, is one thing. However, in the months, weeks and days before Nov. 2nd, the Irish Times went into an anti American frenzy. The thinly veiled implication, in its editorial endorsement of John Kerry, regarding “Irish people and their relatives and friends who have a vote in the US” was certainly more subtle than The Guardian’s intervention, but it was hysterically partisan nonetheless.

For months, the rabid, shrill anti American and anti Dubya invective on its opinion pages has been effusive. It is incredulous that, in a country, which has benefited so much from American munificence, D’Olier Street cannot find some pro American opinion to present. Suppression of dissenting views, and the muzzling of those who would contradict Dublin 4 orthodoxy, is afoot methinks.

The two primary Irish American publications, the Irish Echo and Irish Voice, were also major losers. Since its emergence in 1987, the Voice has been the organ of that interminable, incestuous cocktail circuit AKA the Irish American left. It is the uncritical adolescent, starry-eyed in its championing of Gerry and Martin. It is the soap box of a Manhattan based, unrepresentative, delusional, self aggrandizing, leftie pseudo intelligentsia of the bash the bishops, burn both flags, blast the culchies in their county associations, and any one who even hints at traditional values is a bigot, genre.

In particular, during the reign of the Clintonistas, the Voice degenerated into a base, transparent propaganda sheet for the bizarre left. Besotted, as it is, with Uncle Teddy and nephews, Bill and Hill, Terry McAuliffe, Frisco outlaw Gavin Newsom, ultimate stage Irishmen the McCourts – Sure, God help us! – and other persistent players of the victimology violin, such as Pete Hamill and Jimmy Breslin, the Voice’s endorsement of John Kerry was to be expected. .

For decades, Irish America has been moving steadily into the embrace of the GOP and the NYS Conservative Party. Accordingly, the Irish Echo, for much of its existence, has been careful to remain above the partisan fray by refraining from political endorsements. Since the advent of a new, insecure, pseudo intellectual, Noam Chomsky enthralled ownership, the paper has been trending steadily to the Left, in a frenzied catch up with the Irish Voice. Its recent precedent breaking endorsement of John Kerry has completed that adolescent journey of self-discovery.

The Echo has metamorphosed into an interesting creature indeed. In a classic case of intellectual colonialism, it is now a publication based in Irish America, yet receiving its philosophical inspiration direct from Dublin 4. Intermediary, be damned! Don’t you know those unsophisticated Irish American “colonials” are just not capable of rationalizing, or, analyzing for themselves! We now have the interesting scenario of an Irish American Community, which is center right to conservative, being, purportedly, served by two publications, which are well to the left of center. Fertile soil to be tilled, anyone???

The fact that neither publication could bring itself to endorse Irish American GOP candidate John Fleming, in the NYS senatorial (Bronx/Westchester) race, a contest, which generated a great deal of interest in the local Irish American Community, yet further illustrates this ever widening ideological chasm.

Even after the GOP/conservative landslide, the leftie media establishment is still in a state of denial. For days after the victory, the headlines and editorials in national, and international organs, were of the “How could 60 million Americans be so dumb?” school. Even the prestigious and relatively balanced publication “The Economist” found it difficult to assimilate reality. George Bush won “after a technical wrangle in a heavily contested state”, it grudgingly whined. Huh??? That is a pretty elasticized definition of what was a very decisive win and an overwhelming endorsement.

As the Anvil dropped, the editorials and headlines, of the “Now Unite Us” genre, came spewing out. Translation: “Even though you won, capitulate anyway, and implement our agenda”. The lefties just don’t, or, won’t accept it. America has decisively rejected their failed ideology. An ideology, which brought our country to its lowest point, September 11th 2001. The American people have risen, sending a loud unequivocal message: “We bow to neither earthly prince nor foreign potentate, nor unrepresentative elite, foreign or domestic.”

Patrick Hurley is president of the Regular Republican Club, 30th Ad, Inc, in Woodside Queens, New York City. He is also a member of the Queens County Executive Committee of the GOP. Hurley was a founding member of the Irish Immigration Reform Movement and is active in Irish American affairs. He is a regular contributor to Irish, Irish American and non-ethnic publications.






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