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What Practical Alternatives To Provo Republicanism exist?

Seaghán Ó Dubhslaine

We read these days blunt criticism of what Provisional Republicanism has not delivered for Ireland, but has delivered to its dissenters.

However true or well intentioned, much of this criticism provides no clear leadership for dissenting Republicans. If defining only what has failed, opponents of Provisional Republicanism neglect urgently needed discussion of practical-repeat practical-alternatives.

If one will not accept constitutional Nationalism, collaboration with British authority, continued partition for the foreseeable future, and economics as usual, toward what precisely should leaders and activists in Ireland, Britain, North America, and elsewhere, work this year? In five years? In ten years?

It is clear enough now what the Provos cannot deliver. What would seem most constructive now is immediate reexamination of what Republicanism stands for, and what its near-term and medium-term goals are. These and other matters deserve vigorous debate sooner rather than later. And no question about the future should automatically receive a "Yes" or "No" answer.

First, how many people truly oppose British occupation? Where are they, and what can they commit in terms of manpower, intellectual, political, and financial resources?

On what can Republican groups who dissent from the Provos agree in terms of priorities, and coordinated, sustained campaigns?

Could a military campaign compel an end to partition?

What might Republicanism extend to Unionism to help it gain from unification?

If elected representatives abstain from taking seats at Westminster, Stormont, Leinster House, and Brussels, should they take seats in local government?

How should the Republican leadership treat dissenting Republicans?

Then, could the Provos possibly have brought us where they have because we collectively gave no clear answers to some basic questions like these? Many of us left too much latitude to priests and bishops and we know where that brought us. Again, no question-here at least-about the future should automatically receive a "Yes" or "No" answer.

Discussion should likely include other important questions not suggested above. Let's not waste time wringing our hands over spilt milk now, though.

Those who articulate the most credible and coherent answers to fundamental questions could easily become new Republican leaders. But until all of us take some responsibility for short-term and medium-term goals, then organizing ourselves to reach each step including designating leaders, there seems no alternative to the Provos.






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27 February 2003


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