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Liam O Comain • 19. 11. 03

Your correspondent Marty Egan declares that I am 99% wrong and 1% right in my contribution entitled 'British Anti- Insurgency'. Well Marty is intitled to his opinion- 100%. But at least he should enlighten your readers and indeed myself about what I am wrong about and what I am right about. With such a bald statement one cannot see the hair.

Is he implying that all Irish Americans from Catholic/Nationalist backgrounds support the concept of a United Ireland. This is contrary to my experience and I have been in New York, Boston, Atlantic City, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Laredo, Chicago, and other places where Americans of Irish descent live and work.

Some do, some don't, others couldn't care less. And that's their perogative.

But I have met with those very vocal in support of the 'provos stroke unionists' but then again they were equally vocal against integrated schooling with black America. And I assure Marty that very few of them would support a United Irish Socialist Republic. Which I desire and work towards. Fenian socialism for ever!!!

The latter was believed to be the objective of Adams and co at one time but like all traditional republican principles it has been discarded. Whereas once the slogan was 'this is the year of freedom' now, its 'equal rights for all in the 6 counties'. Recognising the so called 'constitutional legitimacy of the 6 counties' and, in order to con their followers and the rank and file, they contend that their strategy is a stepping stone towards the Republic.

Well Michael Collins saw the Anglo/Irish Treaty of the early decades of the 20th century as a so called stepping stone, by which he helped to sell that treaty and the partition of our country to nationalist Ireland. That was over 80 years ago and where is the united and free Ireland expected?It was a long step and it has yet to fall. And like the former the latest step i. e. the Belfast Agreement will also fail.

Perhaps Marty will ensure that his descendents will recall my prediction ( the O'Comain prediction) in the years to come as they hopefully will continue to help to write Emmetts epitaph.

Furthermore in the republican movement of the past until the birth of the Provisionals but more so the advent of the Adams leadership Michael Collins was never mentioned. Yes, it was acknowledged that he was a good soldier but one who became a traitor by being one of those who accepted the first British instigated treaty which partitioned our country. And who was eventually killed by the IRA because of that betrayal. Now, however, books about him canbe bought in Provisional Sinn Fein bookshops alongside portraits and allegedly there hangs a portrait of Collins in the Provisional Office in partitionist Stormont. Is this not proof of the resurrection of the old free statism and its consequences especially the neglect by numerous Dublin governments of the national question.

There are those in Irish America especially aware of the period of 'no blacks, no dogs, no Irish need apply' who agree with the type of 'con strategy' developed by their ancestors in order to survive and as a result con- manship has come to be respected by our American cousins. Even to the extent that in reverse they like to be conned. Well Gerry and Martin has had a field day, no! a period, for to convince people that the Belfast Agreement and their partitionist strategy will bring about a free and united Ireland in ten or fifteen years is some doing. Now I am not implying that all Irish Americans like to be conned, nor am I implying that the two lundies are brilliant, I'm just stating that there are some of our American cousins who like to be conned!!!

In conclusion the Provo leader has written some books as Marty states but how could he have had the time to do so if he was earnestly involved in a revolution? And you know thats what we are about, at least many a brave volunteer died with this belief.

Also can you imagine Che Guevara O'Loinsig (another transatlantic cousin, but this time from Latin America) during his participation in revolutionary activities being in the position of having a holiday bungalow in some part of the island of Cuba?






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All censorships exist to prevent any one from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently the first condition of progress is the removal of censorships.
- George Bernard Shaw

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23 November 2003


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