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Mohammed Omer, • 27.10.03

World without hearts, the majority of them have lost their feelings, lost the meaning of humanity … no values nor principles … my brother ... killed in cold blood, amidst international silence. He was in the house when the Israeli bulldozers and tanks attacked the area and invaded the houses of our neighbors. The street was completely different and the only choices were two: either to get demolished with the house and be killed under the rubble, or to get out of the house and get killed from the shelling and shooting that doesn’t differentiate between child, old women or old man. All are targeted …

My brother Hussam, 17 years old, was a secondary school student. He was one of those people who chose not to get killed by demolishing with his body in the rubble of the house, so he went out of the house trying to find shelter or a safe area where he could go to. He went out of the house and immediately got killed by 7 evil bullets (from the bullets of those countries who support Israeli army against children ... all Americans bullets as the doctors said in the hospital). In that moment when they killed him with 7 American bullets, Wedad Al Ajrami, a 33 years old women, tried to help my brother and get him to the hospital, but they killed her also. And now both of them have fallen.

Wedad's husband tried to help her but he was injured in his neck and all his body and now he is at the hospital seriously injured. Wedad's son tried to help his mother but they shot him and he also is at the hospital right now. Also the brother of Wedad's husband tried to help but he also got injured by the bullets of the Israeli army. Five of them fell to the ground one after the other. The ground was full of the blood of all of the 5 people were bleeding. The voice of one of the injured people was crying for help but no one heard him because of the shelling from everywhere, even with F16s and Apaches. The ambulance driver just came and it was the same situation: they tried to shoot him and after a very long time the ambulance driver was able to carry the body of the my brother and the women in addition to three injured people, two of them were seriously.

The moments can't be described when my mother got the news of the murder of my brother. They were the worst in my whole life ... when I see my brother who was speaking with me a few hours ago, and now his face cold in the refrigerator of the hospital. I tried to talk to him but he wasn’t able to answer me. When I touched his face I began to understand things that I hate very much …

Wedad … what did she do to get killed by Israeli bullets? And now she left behind 4 children, one of them who is baby child. My brother got killed with 7 evil bullets ... why? Those trees that were demolished ... those houses … why?

The drivers of the bulldozers and those iron machines didn’t answer the people who were asking the driver of the bulldozer to wait till they get out of their houses. The answer was more shelling - the bulldozers' drivers were in challenges, all of them trying to demolish and kill as much as they can … are there any people who hear this call? Are there any people who knows about this? Are there any people who care? Are there human rights in Palestine? The questions are so many but they need answers that are not found in this world … In this world, the strong eats the weak ... the same as living jungles … fingers just writing condolences, tongues just pronouncing all the words to express about sympathy to me WHILE hands still supporting Israel in the latest inventions of F16s, F15s, bulldozers and tanks .. so Is That The Justice that Peace Makers Talk About?!






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All censorships exist to prevent any one from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently the first condition of progress is the removal of censorships.
- George Bernard Shaw

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28 November 2003


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