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Reagan's Legacy

Sean O Lubaigh • 14 June 2004

Ronald Reagan was honored with a week long memorial of his life, culminating with a State funeral in Washington D.C. Thousands of Americans walked by his draped coffin and foreign leaders around the world paid their respects. Reagan's many achievements were brought to life with television and newspapers continuing to fuel the media blitz.

However, with all his sucesses in the arena of world politick, Reagan`s failure to grasp the Irish troubles and stand up for Ireland and Irish interests was a complete and total debacle and stands out for failure, as he had no Irish policy. Reagan exploited his Irish roots by wrapping himself in the flag of Erin during elections and downing a few green beers on St. Patrick's Day.

Ever the actor, when votes were needed he was glad to don the brogue of the Irish and never missed the good photo op. But reality was, Reagan turned a blind eye to the Irish troubles and swallowed hook line and sinker the Irish policy spoon fed to him by “Lady” Thatcher in her continuing the murderous colonial occupation of Ireland. Reagan and Thatcher, the dynamic duo for world freedom made sure the chains that bind Ireland were tightened link by link. Reagan loved the pomp and royalty and was enamored with the grandisment of his friendship with Maggie the Butcher.

In Reagan`s first year in office, 1981, Irish Republicans knew they had no friend in Reagan. While I was a college student back in 1981, I watched with disbelief and anger, as Reagan did not lift a finger to stave off the deaths of the 10 Irish Freedom Fighters during the Hunger Strikes at Long Kesh. One by one the H-Block Martyrs gave their lives for the recognition of being classified as political prisoners in the fight for Irish freedom and National Liberation.

The Brits were the masters at double-dealing and tried every dirty trick they could to spread misinformation as to what was happening during the death fasts. Reagan championed for freedom around the globe and the spread of American style Capitalist/Democracy (explotation of the working class), but would not use his power and the full weight of the U.S. government to end the murderous policy of the Brits towards the Hunger Strikers.

When pressed, Reagan gave the standard Brit pat answers concerning the ongoing Hunger Strikes. A total do nothing attitude! Maggie with the “ Butchers Apron” (Brit flag) wrapped around her waist continued the murdering of Irish citizens as Reagan stood idly by.

So, as we remember the Reagan legacy, both good and bad, this Irish Republican will never forget the days of 81 when the Reagan administration turned its back on the Irish Freedom Fighters. The shame remains. To see the figure of weak Thatcher walk up to the Reagan coffin was ironic in that now old and weak her policies on Ireland has only strengthened Irish Republican resolve to break the chains of Brit bondage. The Reagan hypocrisy was exposed later as he sold guns to Iran to gain hostages's freedom and used the profits to fund Freedom Fighters in Central America. Yet, there would be no freedom for the Irish.












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17 June 2004

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