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The Orange Relic

Sean O Lubaigh

Puppet first minister of the six counties in the north of Ireland is at it again! David Trimble has once again threatened to resign his puppet position and go home a poor sport if he does not get his way from his masters in London. Poor David, he is like the boy who continues to cry wolf and his tactics are getting a little stale. Trimble is no real leader and does not have the courage to resign and stand on his own. If by chance he found the fortitude to do so, the Brits would have another lackey in his place in an instance. Trimble`s huff and bluff and stammering sectarianism makes him a likable person to some in the North but I would speculate the Irish the world over see him as a buffoon and a Orange relic. I am kind of surprised the Brits have not dumped him. Heck he can not even run a Brit police state colony effectively!

Then again, maybe David Trimble has got every one fooled and sees that the Stormont Agreement is unworkable and not the solution he seeks and will jump a sinking ship like a rat. In the end who really cares? The vacuum of power will be picked and filled and nothing much will change. A Provo, SDLP and Alliance party coalition would not be to unrealistic, it worked in Belfast. In the end it all boils down to until the Brit partitionist governments surrender power to the Irish people for Irish interests and the colonial occupation and capital stranglehold of Ireland continues no real Irish peace can be achieved.








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History may be divided into three movements: what moves rapidly, what moves slowly and what appears not to move at all.
- Fernand Braudel

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7 July 2002


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