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Óglaigh na hÉireann New Year Statement, 2005

Reprinted from the Sovereign Nation

January 2005

“The leadership of Óglaigh na hÉireann wish to extend New Years Greetings to our Volunteers both imprisoned and on active service in the field. We acknowledge your continuing role and contribution to the struggle and salute your determination, resolution and commitment in the face of massive odds.

We also extend greetings to our families, friends and to supporters of the Army and recognise your contribution to the Irish freedom struggle, for it is you that gives us the will to fight on.

Again the Republic is under attack as it has been in every year since it was declared 86 years ago this month. Óglaigh na hÉireann remain committed to the defence of the Republic and will continue to oppose its enemies both foreign and domestic. We firmly reject the current normalisation process and the attempts to stabilise British rule in the six counties. These are nothing more than attempts to modernise partition and to create an internal solution to the conflict. Any such solution is unacceptable to Republicans no matter how strong its ‘Irish dimension’. The fact remains that an internal solution is a usurpation of national sovereignty and as such is an attack on the Republic. The current political deal absolves both the British and the Free State from responsibility in creating and prolonging this conflict, and propagates the myth that the conflict is one between two communities rather than an issue of national sovereignty. We firmly reject this notion. The root cause of the conflict in Ireland is Britain's illegal sovereign claim over a part of the Irish nation. The Free State and the constitutional nationalist parties in the north are also a part of the problem given their failure to address this issue either in negotiations or at an international level. Continued failure to address this issue will condemn the Irish people to a cycle of oppression/domination/resistance/oppression. It is now time to break that cycle.

Óglaigh na hÉireann reiterate our demand that Britain publicly declare its intent to withdraw its political and military machine from Ireland. We believe that this will remove the biggest obstacle to true democracy and will restore the fundamental right of the Irish people to national self-determination. Then and only then will the people of Ireland, whatever persuasion, be free to settle their internal political affairs without the poison of external political interference.

We remain firmly committed to the democratic ideals of true republicanism and promise to continue the struggle for a genuine and lasting democracy in Ireland, one that truly does cherish "All of the children of the nation equally". We recognise that British imposed partition is the cause of inequality whereby a national minority can stunt the political growth and deny the political aspirations of the majority. While such an intolerable state of affairs continues we will refuse to accede to the demands of hypocrites in the British, Dublin and Stormont administrations to become involved in the 'democratic' process. No republican can be involved in such a twisted version of democracy. We promise to continue to push for a real equality agenda; one that opposes any attempt to update partition and thus perpetuate inequality.

Óglaigh na hÉireann call on all Irish Republicans to unite to defend the republic and to remain true to the core objectives of Republicanism.

The leadership remain totally opposed to the RUC and we warn the nationalist people to be wary of attempts by the colonial police force to portray themselves as impartial and acceptable. This force is not only unacceptable by its actions, which in the last year have included politically motivated frame ups, corruption and the wide scale tampering of evidence, but also because of its core reason for existence; the defence and protection of an illegal statelet. We also ask Republicans to continue to reject any and all agencies that seek to legitimise the colonial police. We will continue to oppose this colonialism by any and all means at our disposal.

Finally we call on Irish Republicans to be aware that the Republic has never been under greater threat and that because of this we all need to redouble our efforts to oppose British interference.

We call on Republicans to continue to provide us with the support that we need to carry out our duties and in return we promise you that we are here for the long haul.

As long as the Republic is under attack, the Republic will be defended.”




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- George Bernard Shaw

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10 January 2005

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