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The Orange Order and the KKK

Richard Wallace • 20 November 2004

When I think of the violent nature of the Orange Order, I am drawn to the similarities of the KKK. In both organizations, the “perpetrators of enslavement” are White Anglo Saxon Protestant, i.e., English WASP. Both are secret organizations designed to strike terror into the hearts of their target in order to maintain dominance over a group they consider inferior; both were given their privilege by the English. The Orange order and the KKK are cousin organizations with identical purpose, method and motivation.

The Orange Order was formed in 1795 as a militant Protestant organization, whose purpose was to preserve English Protestant privilege and supremacy over the Native Irish whose land their fathers stole. They pilfered their name from William of Orange who defeated the English King James in 1690, 105 years earlier. James was Catholic, so the name "Orange" was chosen for only one reason, because it successfully incited the English-Scottish Protestant population against the native Irish who were predominantly Catholic. The Orangemen were organized and officered by the English Protestant landowners and Belfast businessmen, and they immediately launched a reign of terror on the Native Irish, and that reign of terror was not limited to the Catholic majority. The Ulster Plantation derives its name from the phrase "Transplantation of English Society". Their sole purpose is to terrorize and murder the Irish to reinforce their claim to stolen lands and resources.

The KKK was organized in Pulaske, Tennessee in 1866 as a secret militant White Anglo Saxon Protestant organization, whose purpose was to preserve white privilege and supremacy over African Americans, whom they called "Niggers". They formed immediately after the Blacks were emancipated, that is "freed from forced slavery". First they assassinated President Lincoln for freeing the Blacks, then the always clever WASP's invented "convict leasing", whereby the large plantations owners could lease prisoners from the State. These newly freed blacks soon found themselves behind bars, working on the same plantations they had been freed from. These plantation owners and the State representatives were predominantly Protestant descendants of the English Plantation slave owners. This is the identical status quo as in Northern Ireland society. The KKK assumed the mantle of the Knights of the Golden Circle, an earlier English invention. The KKK took its name from the Greek "Ku Klos" meaning Circle, and the English word "Clan"; i.e., the English Circle. The term plantation comes from the phrase "Transplantation of English Society". The Orange Order and the KKK have identical agendas and identical modes of operation. The KKK is the epitome of the violence visited upon the blacks by their WASP neighbors. The Orange Order is the epitome of the violence visited upon the Native Irish by their WASP neighbors.

Both organizations carry out a campaign of terror, beatings, burnings of churches and homes, bombings, shootings, rapes, and intimidations. They burn children in their homes and nail men to fence posts in the day. They lynch men in the middle of the night and rape and abuse their women. The KKK and the OO both strike terror into the hearts of the innocents.

They both strike under cover of night, (in Ireland they strike in full daylight) with the help of State police collusion. It took the full power of the U.S. Government, led by an Irish Catholic, President John F. Kennedy, and the inspiration of Martin Luther King, a Black man, to break the KKK. The always vengeful WASP’s assassinated both John Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

In its peak, the KKK had 4.5 million members, mostly White Anglo-Saxon Protestants.

Today they number in the mere thousands. The Civil Rights Organization in Derry modeled themselves after Martin Luther King, but they were gunned down in broad daylight by Government Sponsored (WASP) assassins. Martin Luther King was assassinated by a die-hard holdout of white supremacy in spite of the fact that he no longer had the support and protection of the State.

Don't look to the British to Break the Orange Order any time soon, and forget their paid-for puppets in Dublin. The British cherish their Orange card, all 60,000 of them wagging the tail of the dog, as it is their trump card. Northern Ireland is their boot camp, where they train their military, with live targets.

The British military send new recruits to Northern Ireland, and when they have done a year or two of terrorizing unarmed civilians, they are then categorized as battle hardened soldiers, qualified to go into battle anywhere. Without Northern Ireland in turmoil, the British have no excuse for even having a military.

Its a terrible thing for the Irish to kill Irish, on behalf of the Queen of England.






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23 November 2004

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