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Saol Nua

Sean O'Lubaigh • 27 July 2002

Multi-national corporate greed has won out as 400 Irish glass workers in Dublin feel the sting of loosing their livelihoods. Once again it is the capitalist mantra of “profit over people”. After respectful negotiations by the workers to make concessions to save their jobs the multi-national parent company pulls the plug anyhow. A slap in the face of the workers who sought accommodation. A peaceful workers ”sit in” to receive a fair and rightfully earned severance package failed to sway the bosses from trying to cheat and stop the workers aims.

Where is the cry of outrage? This should be the rallying and wake up call for the Irish working class to unite and fight for their rights and justice. No amount of concessions or negotiations was to save the workers for they were just the pawns in the new global economy of profit takers. The bosses had bought a new plant in Italy where more profits could be had for the few at the expense of the many. This is the same parent company that idled shut a union shop in England only to resurface as a non-union shop later. Who has been made to answer?

A new Irish Citizens Army of workers should take the action to make those accountable held before public scrutiny and demand full regress and accountability to the injured workers. The Leinster House politicians, who are sworn to have and uphold the rights of the Irish people, (even the working class) are clearly negligent in their duties. The glass plant closing has a dreadfully direct affect on all the Free State by adding to the already swamped social services and the environment, as this was the only glass recycler in the 26 counties. The impact on the environment will suffer as the cost to recycle will escalate and monies will be harder to find to fund. Not to mention the mental hardship and social and medical stress that accompanies these and all betrayed workers.

The wave of multi-national companies in Ireland do not hold Irish interests at heart. It is the mere exploitation of the working class that drives their hunger. The only loyalty they have is to the jingle of silver. When the milk runs dry they will just find another cow and put the old out to pasture. The line must be drawn. Only revolutionary change can bring about an equality-based society focused on liberty, fraternity and the rights of all people. Irish Republicanism in the vein of Connolly and Mellows can be the vehicle to bring about economic justice, which in the end can be the road towards Irish freedom. Until National Sovereignty is placed before the Irish people and power smashed from the claws of Westminster, Stormont and Leinster House will that freedom be at hand. Freedom will not be had in the current Belfast Agreement that’s for sure. The current corporation failings in the States show capitalist greed run amuck. And in the end it is always the workers who take it on the chin. None of the major political parties in Ireland support true change and are irrelevant in the eyes of Irish Republicanism as they hold their power by accepting the status quo. of Brit partitionist Statelets! Sinn Fein Poblachtach has accepted the challange by leading with ideas and actual blue prints towards a lasting peace called Saol Nua and the creation of a new governmental structure based on a 4 province Democratic Socialist Republic which is Eire Nua. The Irish Republican Socialist Party realize that freedoms cannot be had till Irish National liberation is achieved and they bring a needed voice to the table with fresh ideas that should be part of the debate. Why settle for less? This is where the future lays.










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A free society is one where it is safe to be unpopular.
- Adlai Stevenson

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4 August 2002


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