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Historical Unconsciousness

Seoirse McLaughlin • 20 January, 2003

Father McManus is at it again. He doesn't seem to realise that there is a grave difference between "historical consciousness" and revisionism. For Adams and his ilk are not just revising strategies but the founding principles that republicanism stand on. Although there were good things that came from the Second Vatican Council, it also opened the door for a Protestant culture to take root in the Church, for Protestantism allows for a myriad of individual interpretations of theology, liturgy and morals. The universality of the Roman Catholic church has been ripped to shreds by this. Go to any ten churches around the world and tell me about the "catholic" nature of them! Fundamentally different liturgies, fundamentally different theological emphases and fundamentally different implicit and sometimes explicit moral teaching abound. Most criticism of Vatican II by what Father McManus would call "classicists" is not centered on the intent of the Council but on its outcome. The baby was, indeed, thrown out with the bath water, and he, if he has survived, is a grown man, wandering in a amnesiac's endless and formless haze, looking for his roots.

This is the grave danger with Sinn Fein's "baby" and how it flew from the window when the dotted line was signed on the GFA. Our roots have become obscured and are in danger of being lost. To assume that all of us who are against such a grave error are naive, overly militaristic or detached (because we, like Father McManus himself, has done for decades, don't live in the North) is amateurish and equally dangerous in the world of ideas and debate. Why doesn't Father McManus use Bernadette Devlin McAliskey as an example of all of these defects in judgement then?

To become a functioning part of the British illegal and immoral statelet which England has erected and maintained against the will of the majority of Irish men and women is wrong, if you are a republican. To undermine the belief in transubstantiation in the Mass is wrong, if you are a Roman Catholic. That which pursues progress is good, but that which undermines the raison d'etre of a system of beliefs and the struggle to bring those beliefs to fruition are not. The Church pursues the kingdom of God and the republican movement pursues a united, independent Ireland. If, in pursuit of God's kingdom the bishops decide that housing our sanctuaries in the beautiful palatial homes of rich pagans is good for Catholicism, or republican leaders decide that pursuing a revolutionary Ireland is best done in an English legislature and will help republicanism to flourish, then we have a moral obligation to say "no." It's not very complicated, Father, unless you're unconscious.








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23 January 2003


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