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Shame, shame, shame

Aine Fox • April 2003

We are all here for the same reason - because we disagree with President Bush and Prime Minister Blair holding a war summit on our soil under the auspices of bringing constructive intervention to the North’s peace process.

The proposals on the table apparently pertain to post-conflict Iraq - which the US want complete control of, therefore reinforcing that this war was also an imperialist move. The proposed interim body being comprised of 25 American republicans who have I am sure shining humanitarian credentials like their president. Also lets not forget the majority of contracts have already gone to US owned corporations - an example of which is Halliburton who vice president Cheney coincidently worked for - for 13 yrs in fact.

Liberation from Saddam to be further oppressed by imperial America - this is the offer to the long suffering people of Iraq.

The idea that these people believe they can travel the globe bringing war or their own terms for peace to whichever region they wish to - discussing their intervention in the Palestinian question with a proposed roadmap for peace while the Israeli government and forces lead by Ariel Sharon continue their security policies which lead to the deaths of innocent Palestinian men, women and children on a daily basis. In addition there is the reoccupation of Gaza, the extension of their control on the West Bank via the building of a so called security wall, their inability to fulfil multiple UN resolutions even in regard to nuclear weapons inspections - will this merit the same response as we have seen in Iraq for non compliance of UN resolutions?

George Bush while running in the election to be the republican party’s presidential candidate cited ‘Getting Saddam Hussien’ as his primary objective if he was to be elected president.

One of the biggest ironies in this situation is that the man who claims that his goal is to liberate the Iraqi people and bring them democracy, and who is the leader of the richest and most powerful (apparent) democracy in the world was not even elected by majority vote. Just, as he did not gain the majority of world support to wage war on Iraq. As we all know Mr Bush Sr. was once director of the CIA who were responsible for many rigged elections in Central and Latin America. (And also let’s not forget was a business partner with the father of Osama Bin Laden). We also know, that the disputed state in America during Bush’s election, was governed by his brother. So I ask you was Bush elected democratically? If he was not elected democratically then is he a dictator? Who are the greatest threat to world peace - The Bush family or the family of Saddam Hussein?

Bush is now on our soil and not welcomed by the majority of people on this island north or south. Tony Blair brought Bush to this particular area in the hope of avoiding mass protests - imagine the millions at a welcoming party had Tony brought George for tea and crumpets at Downing street.

Saturday 12th April is International day of action - all across the globe people will be marching in continued opposition to this war - joining those elsewhere The Belfast anti war movement call on everyone to join us at the Arts College at 2pm in a march to the City Hall to voice our ultimate disgust against this ongoing illegal and immoral war.

Bush Blair and Ahern have no right allow the world’s biggest tyrant to wash the blood of innocent Iraqi men, women and children in the pool of the peace process.

I say to our political parties who walked with us shoulder to shoulder in the anti-war movement - shame to the leaderships of the Women’s Coalition, shame to the leadership of the Alliance Party, shame to the leadership of Sinn Fein and shame to the leadership of the SDLP for allowing the warmongers the ability to masquerade as men of peace.


(The above article was an address made by the author at the Hillsborough anti-war rally.)



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24 April 2003


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