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Understanding the philosophy behind martyrdom operations!
Sean Matthews


Although the Palestinian commando operation which target innocent civilians inside Israel, are thoroughly a tragedy and inherently counter-productive, there is an unwillingness and ignorance by the mainstream media to understand the reasons why young men and women, some as young as 16, commit such crimes. It must be said that Palestinians must be going through a horrific and unspeakable barbaric occupation, which forces people to go out and commit such actions to defend their dignity and homeland. These are just ordinary young men and women under extraordinary circumstances faced with an evil Zionist monster that uses a wide range of counter-insurgency terrorist methods which are financed and supported by the greatest military might the world has ever seen. A monster which refuses to withdraw and allow the Palestinian people to determine their own future and destiny, free from foreign imperialist intervention. Not the farce and deceivement of the US Initiative (Road map) which only gives limited sovereignty, and creates a Palestinian bureaucratic oligarchy to control and coerce the Palestinian people into a docile and obedient nation. In the meantime Israel remains in the driving seat giving the Palestinians the ‘iron fist’ when need be.

The Martyrdom operations are a crying out for help to the international community to to relieve the daily suffering and humiliation inflicted by their de-facto masters. There is one thing that will ring the ears of their colonial occupiers, and is that the Palestinians are a proud, defiant race and will not be pushed out of the Gaza, West Bank etc without a fight. As James Connolly once said, 'We defy you, do your worst'!

Oh, and one last question what would you do if your brothers and sisters has been killed, your home demolished, daily harassed and even tortured by foreign occupiers, limited access to food, water and medical services and no civil or human rights? Padraig Pearse said, 'There is no peace between right and wrong, truth and falsehood, freedom and tyranny, justice and oppression, master and slave.' Solidarity, respect and outright support are what the Palestinians need in their courage, creativity and brave resistance to the American backed Israeli colonialism.

No to Imperialist settlements!






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