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Reiss Pressed on Mark Thatcher Cautioned on Damage of Another Double Standard


Father Sean Mc Manus, President, Irish National Caucus • 20 January 2005

CAPITOL HILL. Thursday, January 20, 2005 — Pressure is mounting on the U.S. government to ban Mark Thatcher from the United States.

Father Sean Mc Manus, President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus, has written to Dr. Mitchell Reiss, President Bush's Special Envoy for Northern Ireland, pressing him to make sure that the U.S. does not apply a double standard: "one set of rules for the English Establishment and another for Irish Catholics".

"What do you think would happen to a Black man from Africa (or a Catholic from Belfast) if he pleaded guilty to a coup attempt in England?
Do you think they would be allowed into the U.S.? Do you think they would NOT be placed on the 'no fly' list?
I have written to you before about how nothing infuriates Irish-Americans more than the double-standard: one set of rules for the English Establishment and another for Irish Catholics.
If the U.S. is not to be seen as applying a double standard, it surely must ban Mark Thatcher from the U.S., just as it has banned Irish Catholics with convictions against them.
Now that the peace-process is in such jeopardy, the U.S. must not be seen exercising a double standard by favoring the privileged and punishing the poor, like Ciaran Ferry. I look forward to your response."

Father Mc Manus, explaining his letter said, "I wrote to Dr. Reiss because obviously this issue has implications for the Irish peace-process, as it is about U.S. fairness and balance."

"And it is something Irish-Americans — like all other Americans — should have a say about. They cannot do anything about bank robberies in Belfast or about the behavior of the British government or Ian Paisley, but they can by right and duty have a say about their own government."











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All censorships exist to prevent any one from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently the first condition of progress is the removal of censorships.
- George Bernard Shaw

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22 January 2005

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