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The McKevitt's Ordeal

Steve McWilliams • 30 May 2003


Sadly, such a "Trial by Media", is all too common. Never mind any evidence to the contrary, our esteemed media representatives, from the lowest cesspool dwelling tabloids and scandal sheets, to allegedly reputable organs, will stop at nothing to get 'the story' Not even facts, truth, compelling evidence will stop them finding THEIR TRUTH. Oft times it is plain to see that they reached their conclusions first, and then went forward in pursuit of their story. This not limited solely to English papers and tv, nor even to Irish outlets, but is fairly worldwide. The New York Times is well know to be the organ with "All the News That Fits the Brits".

It is an unspeakable abomination, a tragedy, a calculated exercise in character assassination that Michael and Bernadette McKevitt have been forced to endure. Were they some high placed MP or TD, some 'captain of industry' or such type, all the power of Justice Ministry would long ago have fallen upon the perpetrators of such slanderous vitriol. Instead, the McKevitt's much sit idly by and listen to the continuing stream of venomous accusations and insinuations, powerless to effectively challenge the purveyors of such idiocy or to put an end to their 'poison pen' writings.

Sure, it cannot escape anyone's notice that Bernadette is the sister of Bobby Sands, and I have no doubt that this association has played a role in the alleged ties of both the 32CSM with the RIRA and Michael McKevitt with the IRA. No amount of denial, no weight of evidence, will deflect the vultures of the tabloids from their eager pursuit of 'the truth'. The truth as they see it anyway. Where are these gallant knights of the press when genuine stories of repression, injustice and miscarriage of justice are occurring? Most likely in some back alley, getting the latest "news flashes" from their "sources".

We live in a dark age, one in which alleged defenders of their nation crawl in bed with those would as soon shoot them as look at them, slavishly adhering to the line set out by those same adversaries. It is a time when public servants gut the very Constitution that is the basis for the existence of the Irish nation, the guarantor of the rights of the Irish people within their own national territory. It is a time when hatred, sectarianism, intolerance, discrimination, deprivation and a host of other evils, still afflicts far too many Irish men women and children - now after five years of an alleged "agreement" that was dead on arrival. Any claim or projection of a "Republic by 2016" or any other such pipe dream is naught but folly - as things now stand, our childrens' children will not see any appreciable change.

Perhaps the most abominable truth of all this is that those most culpable in this entire disastrous quagmire could not care less at what happens. They feel no responsibility, no accountability - the see themselves as blameless, and see their office as a personal holding, rather like a country baron or other noble. It is only for them to take what they are able during their time of "service" and then move on to the private sector, finding new ways to rape the public.

I don't know what to say to Michael and Bernadette McKevitt - what can one say? The are the David to the political machine's Goliath - only in this case, the giant is clad in armour and cannot be brought down. A sad day indeed.



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