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The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
- Hubert H. Humphrey



Dodging the Real Problem

Sean O Lubaigh


The current struggles in the world today for peoples national liberation and self determination all carry a common course of action towards their peaceful resolutions. Be it in the Middle East, the Basque in Spain or the fight in Ireland, those government powers in control all expouse a political solution as a means for accommodation.

However, the political solutions must be a genuine, honest and open attempt at peace and not just another stalling tactic to deny the peoples rights. Workable and realistic plans must be allowed to be put forth and debated and the old worn tired ideas and policies, like the Good Friday Agreement, should be trashed.

In Ireland today we have a classic example of how the governments in Ireland, England and America conspire, collude and systematically attempt to deny an alternative Republican voice and the policies of Sinn Fein Poblachtact to be heard. Eire Nua is one such plan put forth which lays out a process towards peace and a new governmental body based on a federal four province democratic Socialist Republic. The power being concentrated at the local levels and the freedoms of all the people being equal. Eire Nua is based on the context of a Brit declaration of intent to withdrawal in a set time and in an orderly manner.

Here are a few of the ways they achieve this systematic denial. The American government does its part by banning the leaders of Sinn Fein Poblachtact from entering the U.S. to explain their policies to the Irish American public. This visa denial policy infringes on Americans rights to free speech and the right to the open discourse of ideas. The Brit government does its part by ignoring any plan like Eire Nua because it spells out the end of Brit rule in Ireland. They continue to put a forth the Good Friday Agreement as the be all and end all. It has brought nothing more than increased bombings, beatings and the sectarian hatred that the Brits have spawned. The puppet government in the six counties does its part by doing all the little dirty tricks their brit master’s order. Lies, deceit, smears and intimidation are the order of the day.

Perhaps worst of all is the repressive government of the twenty-six county “Free State”. Members of Sinn Fein Poblachtact have become the targets of out landish actions by the government enforcers. Republicans selling the Saoirse newspapers have been harassed, stopped, searched and have had their newspapers confiscated and personal items like cell phones taken. Political meetings of Sinn Fein Probachtact have been raided with doors being broken down, with rooms searched and a terrorizing attitude displayed by the Gardai. Republican leaders has been arrested and subjected to predjudical bail demands such as not allowed to take part in political activities or in effect promote no ideas that the Dublin government does not agree with. These actions clearly demonstrate how fragile they perceive their hold on the people. People are jailed on the false words and lies of the Gardai with the help of tampered with evidence.

This is not what Republicans have died for. The Brits and their collaborists have never been honest brokers with the Irish and don’t seem to be any time soon. Inclusive political solutions are the way forward towards any peace but when groups are silenced and have no voice in the process what does it breed? Political solutions that promise false hopes and aspirations and dodge the real problem are doomed and will only bring more conflict.








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