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Standing with RSF


Sean O Lubaigh • 21 August 2004

The struggle for Irish freedom takes another blow from the Bush administration as his State Dept., with the help of the Justice Dept., has designated, labeled and added Republican Sinn Fein to their growing list of terrorist organizations.

Republican Sinn Fein is a political party and entity founded in 1905 in Ireland and its membership is established in all 32 counties. Being the oldest political party in Ireland, Republican Sinn Fein has stood steadfast in its 100 year history with continuity from Tone to Connolly to Mellows to O Bradaigh in the Republican belief in a free and united Ireland.

It defies logic as to what “terrorist” threat Republican Sinn Fein poses to America. The Bush administration's total lack of knowledge on Irish issues and history is an embarrassment and to go along on with Brit inspired hearsay, innuendo, half-truths and lies is unconscionable and stupid.

Putting Republican Sinn Fein on the terror list is an assault on Irish Americans' rights to the freedom of speech, discourse and towards the open exchange of ideas, In other words, censorship! Not to mention the legal and monetary ramifications in supporting the political party be it with writings, papers or monies, for that matter whatever the Bush/Brit administration deem to be offensive. We do not yet know but time will tell.

Republican Sinn Fein members will be subject to a punitive VISA denial program that has been used against them for 30 years to the detriments of Irish Americans who seek Republican ideas. I state that this “terrorist” designation, along with the freedom destroying Patriot Act implemented, all democracy-loving citizens should be worried. Today it’s Irish Republicans; who will be next?

Republican Sinn Fein is the party whose core beliefs remain unshakable through years of state-sponsored harassment and heavy-handed tactics along with draconian laws and prisoner abuses. They believe in total Irish freedom. And that freedom can only come about when the Brits disengage and withdrawal from the occupied counties and all visages of Brit colonial rule are smashed north and south.

Republican Sinn Fein’s political policy program called EIRE NUA supplies the blue print forward towards a just and lasting peace and the establishment of a Federal Democratic Socialist Republic. Where power derives from the peoples at the local levels up, not the top few down to the masses. EIRE NUA is at least an alternative to the failed Brit and American policy called the Good Friday Agreement. Yet since EIRE NUA is an alternative, the Brits and multinational corporate interests with the help of America and the Dublin Govt. see that EIRE NUA will not receive the exposure to the masses and working class peoples.

If promoting freedom, national sovereignty, truth, justice, equality, compassion and democracy is deemed terrorist, then I too stand with Republican Sinn Fein.


















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All censorships exist to prevent any one from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently the first condition of progress is the removal of censorships.
- George Bernard Shaw

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