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Statement from Republican Prisoners, Maghaberry
Republican Prisoners' Statement read out by Marian Price at support rally for Republican Prisoners at Maghaberry, Sunday October 13, 2002.


The Republican Prisoners in Maghaberry Gaol would like to thank those present here today, and to all those who work tirelessly on our behalf both here and internationally. Throughout the history of the Irish Freedom struggle there have always been those willing to persist and endure in their efforts to help Republican prisoners. Sometimes this has been done at great risks to themselves and their families - one only has to remember during the Hunger Strikes of '81, the way the state and its murder gangs set about trying to destroy the Anti-H-Block/Armagh Committees.

It is fitting then that today coincides with the anniversary of the murder of Ronnie Bunting and his comrade Noel Little in just such circumstances. The fact that you are all prepared to stand here today is testament to the failure of that brutal aspect of British policy. Successive British governments appear to have very short memories; they constantly forget that despite murder, abuse, harassment, imprisonment and torture we refuse to bow down to the flag of a foreign oppressor nation.

As Republican prisoners we face considerable hardships through our incarceration by Crown forces. However, we wish to assure all of you that behind these gates we are undaunted and unbroken. The illegal claim by the British enemy still stands over the ancient and sovereign country of Ireland, and while it maintains that claim (either through its armed garrison or political institutions) there will be those brave Irish men and women who will forsake all to resist it. Do not be discouraged in the days ahead, always remember that you are the inheritors of a great and honourable nation that lives and breathes not only in the soil beneath your feet but within the heart of every Irish man, woman and child. The spirit of a risen people can never be chained - it permeates the walls of our prison cells and gives us strength to face the blows of the enemy.

The Republican Prisoners in Maghaberry Jail would also like to extend their deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Volunteer Joseph O'Connor who was brutally murdered 2 years ago to the day; Joe was an exceptional supporter of the prisoners cause and is still sorely missed by his comrades.











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It is better to be defeated on principle than to win on lies.
- Arthur Calwell
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17 October 2002


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