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"Stop the Deportation of the Irish in America!"

Seán O'Neill

I am sick and tired of seeing these articles about how anti-American Ireland is today. They are a malicious attempt at dividing Irish Republicans in Ireland and their strong supporters in America, the birthplace of the republican revolution.

Perhaps the articles should starting addressing the anti-Irish policies of the current American administration. Without even delving in to the ridiculous mess of the Colombia 3 and U.S. involvement in Colombia, Bush's true colors are ominously shown in the so-called Patriot Act. The Act was aimed at preventing future attacks such as the 9-11 attacks by kooky Islamic fighters, not representative of the Muslim American community by any stretch of the imagination.

However, the administration has used the act to systematically and very quietly attack Irish republicans in America. They have begun deporting long-time residents who have been nothing but contributors to society while living in this country. Next to go is Noel Cassidy of Cleveland, Ohio and there are plenty more to come, you can be sure. These people are not threats to their adopted home but rather are members of our communities. These people have families here. They have lives here, and once deported they can't apply to return for 10 years because of the act. Their harassment and deportation is the price of British allegiance for Bush's war in Iraq and for future operations Bush might try to loosely and poorly link to Al Qaeda.

The Irish men and women with supposed anti-American sentiments direct those sentiments to this administration which has been hostile to them since it's inauguration. The Irish people understand the troubles of people like the Kurds who have long fought against a repressive regime for national self-determination. They are not hostile towards U.S. Marines, young men like any other young men, who may have joined to serve an ideal but admittedly fight just to protect one another. And those who really have the interests of repressed Iraqis in their hearts have clean consciences.

It is the administration that sent them that bears shame. It is against this archaic Reaganite, Thatcherite administration that Irish people protest. They are leaders who prosecuted a decade of civil war in Nicaragua. Leaders who overthrew democracy in Chile. Leaders who invaded and occupied Grenada and the Dominican Republic. The list goes on. The Irish people are not anti-American, they are protesting against an American administration which wallows in cold self-interest and is hostile toward Irish interests and the Irish American community.






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28 March 2003


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