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Questions — and Doubts — Remain

Tommy Gorman • 1 December 2004

I welcome Eoin O Broin's reply. I will in return try to answer his criticisms as fully as I am able.

On his point that my criticisms are 'well rehearsed' and contain nothing new.

Well so what? Unless or until someone addresses my concerns and questions in an open comprehensive way I have no alternative but to continue to believe that the wheels have come off the Sinn Fein wagon and we are on the road to nowhere unless together we can turn things around. Outside of a few anonymous and immature attacks in various letters pages and a picket outside of my home Eoin has been the only person to try, with dignity I must add, to answer the many concerns I have. I have had no other responses besides. Added to this I don't detect any sign of internal dissent or unrest at the deteriorating situation.

Eoin makes the mistake that people fixated on vote counting frequently make, that is equating an increase in support at the ballot box with real progress. At the best of times it's dodgy to follow the logic that the ballot box will always deliver the best and right result. The electorate can and have been wrong in the past. Adolf Hitler and George W Bush can thank the people for voting them into power. According to a book I read many times throughout the years I spent in the H blocks resisting criminalisation, Jesus Christ lost out to Barabas in the popular vote. People make the wrong decision for a myriad of reasons. In most cases it can be put down to lies, half-truths, spoof and spin fed to them by those seeking votes.

If 15 years ago Sinn Fein gone to the electorate and told them that by 2004 they would have achieved;

  • A return of Stormont with Sinn Fein playing a key role administering British rule in Ireland,
  • A reaffirmation of the Unionist veto,
  • The removal of articles 2 & 3 of Bunreacht na hEireann,
  • Strengthening of partition,
  • The almost total emasculation and disarming of the IRA

What would have been the reaction of the long-suffering republican people?

I don't for, one second think they would have rushed out to vote early and often for such an eventuality. But that is where we are at this moment in history.

Ian Paisley has told the world that he wants to humiliate the republican movement; I would advise him to hold on for a week or two and let Sinn Fein complete the job for him.

Eoin continues to peddle the myth that Sinn Fein maintains its radical credentials and claims that Bairbre fought long and hard against cut backs in health provision and resisted the introduction of Private Finance Initiatives and Public Private Partnerships into the Health Service budget. If that is the case how does Eoin explain why, in their pre election broadcast on TV and radio, did Sinn Fein claim that their two ministers had brought 'Hundreds of Millions of new money into their respective departments'?

Where did this 'new money' come from if not from the private sector.

Given their political about turns, broken promises and downright lies it is no wonder that senior Shinner Jim Gibney calls for more ambiguity within this political pantomime

"Words like 'clarity' and 'certainty' are part of the fundamentalist's political dictionary. They derive from an arrogant mentality, which assumes legitimacy and moral superiority. Demanding such words causes crisis and paralysis."

Sinn Fein President, Gerry Adams, when asked about the Sinn Fein ministers' dalliances with big business PFI's and PPP's replied.

"Well, we are against them," he said. "Having said that, Martin McGuinness, as education minister, faced with the reality that he would either have no schools or an involvement in a qualified way with private finance, went for it. So I suppose you could argue that that is the emergence of pragmatic politics."

I hope Eoin recognises why I shall not be joining the throng to extol the virtues of the emperor's new clothes. I have seen the big lad naked in Cage 6 and, believe me, it's not a pretty sight.




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All censorships exist to prevent any one from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently the first condition of progress is the removal of censorships.
- George Bernard Shaw

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2 December 2004

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