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Thessaloniki Prisoners On Hunger Strike Now Refusing Water
Anarchist Prisoner Support • 14.11.03

Six months after the EU summit in Thessaloniki, 7 people remain incarcerated within the Greek prison system. Simon Chapman (English), Fernando Perez Gorraiz (Spanish), Carlos Martin Martinez (Spanish), Souleiman "Kastro" Dakduk (Syrian), Spyros Tsitsas (Greek) and two Greek juveniles are continuing to be denied justice, despite overwhelming evidence that they have been framed and despite solidarity protests around the world.

On November 10th the hunger strikers began refusing liquids, they have already been on hunger strike over 40 days.

November 11: All hunger strikers were transported to another hospital, accompanied by massive police presence.

November 10: Last night, the hunger strikers began refusing liquids. This dramatic escalation in their protest was in response to a denial of their basic rights. When their lawyers arrived at the hospital they were surrounded and threatened by armed police who prevented them from entering. Also rumours that the hunger strikers will be split up and sent to separate prisons some miles away

November 8th: All 5 hunger strikers are taken to hospital as their physical condition is becoming increasingly critical.

November 6th: Fernando and Tsitsas went to Papanikolaou hospital, as a result of being on hunger-strike and went back to prison as they did not accept any food or medical treatment.

November 5th: Carlos Martin has been returned to the prison after having spent 1 day in two different hospitals. His lawyer reports that on arrival to the hospital he was put in a chair with his hands tied behind his back, and was continually beaten and kicked by police throughout the night. As for the other prisoners, they are all starting to get into a critical condition. Sulieman Dakduk is unable to move from his bed. Simon Chapman is unable to sleep, and Fernando Perez is passing blood.

November 3rd: Carlos Martin Martinez was admitted to hospital on Monday evening after 30 days without food.

Background Information

Simon Chapman was arrested on Saturday June 21st at the anti-EU demonstration in Thessaloniki, Greece. He was by the anti-authoritarian block march which left the occupied university at around 5.00pm. Initial scuffles broke out between the police and part of the march with the police responding with hundreds of cannisters of CS gas and other chemical weapons. Simon was caught up in this attack by the police and was overcome by teargas. A police snatch squad then went for Simon and proceeded to kick Simon in the head and face repeatedly. At this point Simon was wearing a distinctive blue and purple rucksack as a photo taken by Reuters shows. His bag was subsequently taken by undercover police who proceeded to place three black rucksacks of molotovs near him as a photo taken by AP shows. In addition to this evidence, a film footage moments after the initial contact with the police shows clearly undercover police placing the bags full of molotovs near Simon as well as placing a hammer and pickaxe handle in the bags. The Greek authorities claim that Simons Blue and Purple rucksack does not exist! Well we know and can show different!

So as it stands Simon and six others are temporarily imprisoned and charged with resisting authority, construction and possession of molotovs, arson, serious damage to property and riot which could theoritically mean a prison sentence of between 7 and 25 years!! Their cases could take up to 18 months to come to trial. All seven have so far had 3 bail appeals rejected by the prosecutor, who has refused to look at the video and photographic evidence.

At the time of writing all 7 prisoners remain in prison on hunger strike. Their demands are: bail for all seven, and that one of the prisoners, Suleiman "Castro" Dakduk - a Syrian who has been living in exile in Crete for 18 years, and who is now threatened with deportation back to Syria where he faces torture and imprisonment for trade union activity - be allowed to remain in Greece.

More information at:
Anarchist Prisoner Support site

A campaign group has been set up in Dublin to support the Thessaloniki Seven. Send messages of support for the hunger strikers to the Greek Embassy in Dublin:

Ambassador Pispinis Ahileas-Vasilious
Greek Embassy
1 Upper Pembroke Street,
Dublin 2.

Phone: 01-676 7254
Fax: 01-661 8892

Post Script: The demands of the protesting prisoners for access to lawyers and phone calls, privacy and books have since been met. They are no longer refusing water, but the hunger strike continues.






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14 November 2003


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