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Death threats and harassment by the RUC/PSNI

Joe Dillon, 32 County Sovereignty Movement

The death threats against our members are a very serious development reminiscent of the past thirty years whereby individuals are harassed leading to inducements to become informers for British forces and issued with a death threat.

It is particularly worrying that on this occasion there is no attempt to conceal the fact that individuals are being targeted for assassination and it is a matter of extreme concern that Carl Reilly a member of our National Executive has a death threat issued by the RUC/PSNI.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement is a legitimate organisation upholding Irish National Sovereignty and the only organisation challenging British rule in Ireland.

It is also a sinister development that Mr Moore has not been informed, before now, of a threat on his life.

We call on Tony Blair the British PM and Paul Murphy, the imposed Secretary of State, to publicly assure these men and their families that their safety is guaranteed.

We further demand of them to end this intimidation and harassment of innocent people and demand the end of this colonial police force.

We call on the parties allied to the puppet parliament at Stormont to publicly denounce this practice of recruiting touts.

A tout is the lowest form of life and it is not about assisting an alien police force but is all about setting up people for murder.

We are treating this very seriously and as a result we ask anyone who has been approached to become an informer to come forward to us for assistance and expose the injustices that are presently happening, despite assurances from the pro-agreement parties that such incidents are in the past and that things have changed.

The reality on the ground is, nothing has changed. The RUC/PSNI cannot be reformed.

We have set up a telephone help line to assist anyone who has been approached in this way. The number is 07801729412.

We are contacting Human Rights bodies to record and highlight these Human Rights abuses.

Finally, we ask the Nationalist people to be vigilant at this time of serious threat and to inform us of any sinister or suspicious behaviour in your areas. This could save somebody's life.



I am a member of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement in the Fall's Road area of Belfast.

On Tuesday the 6th May 03 I was returning with members of my family from a wedding in England.

At Aldergrove airport I was approached by two men whom I suspect to be Special Branch and brought to a room. They refused to produce identification and began to question me as to why I was in England. I said, "Holiday", and one of them said, "Was it not a wedding".

They then produced photographs of my family and myself at the wedding.

One man then commenced to ask me about Carl Reilly who is a member of the National Executive of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement.

He asked if I knew him and if I would set him up. "We will make it worth your while to set him up for assassination", he said.

They continued to say that a top Provisional informer had provided them with information that my life was under threat and that if I set up Carl Reilly this threat would be lifted.

They named others who I do not know and named Carl who is my mate. They asked me to "keep an eye on them" They gave me a phone number, which I refused to accept.

When I got up to leave he said, "Long runs the fox". This I took as an implied threat and I left and joined my family.

When I got home a note had been passed through the letter -box to contact Constable Singleton of Grosvenor Road police as soon as possible.

I contacted Grosvenor Road police barracks and was told a bluff story about producing my driver's licence. When I asked why, I was told I was stopped and asked to produce my licence. No such event took place.

Local people told me the police had been at my house just before I got home with the note.

I have been harassed twice in the past by the police and on both occasions I have been to my solicitor.

This is the first time they have made clear their intentions to have me recruited to become a tout. STATEMENT ENDS.



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11 May 2003


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