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3 Meeting Announcements
Belfast and Dublin, 13th and 17th of September


Speaking Out Against The WTO

This is quite urgent.

In the last few hours Lee Kyung-hae, a South Korean farmer and activist, has killed himself at the fences in Cancun behind which the WTO are meeting. His suicide was designed to highlight the plight that farmers across the world are facing thanks to the policies of the WTO and against their illegitimate meeting in Cancun.

Already tens of thousands of other farmers, workers, students and peasants have been converging on the city to oppose the policies of the WTO. Globalise Resistance have called a demonstration outside City Hall in solidarity with those demonstrating and we are encouraging as many people as possible to join us against the organisation which puts profit before the needs of people across the world. People should bring down placards, pots and pans, flags, banners… basically anything to make a lively demo.

These people aren’t only demonstrating for their own livelihoods, they are also demonstrating against the water charges we face here at home, the bin charges down south and against the sell off of our schools and hospitals.

Dan Buckley

Belfast Anti Racist Meeting: Multi Cultural Resource Centre, Sept 17th at 7pm
Davy Carlin

Over the past while we have seen the rise of racist incidents and attacks on ethnic minorities around Northern Ireland. We have also seen the overt rise of racist material, graffiti and groups springing up in various areas. This would be of concern to all those progressive forces that seek a socially just and inclusive society. Following a recent meeting held in the Multi Cultural Resource Centre in Belfast attended by human rights organisations, ethnic minority support groups, asylum seeker lawyers, practitioners, development organisations, and other interested parties, it was decided a second meeting should be held. This meeting is to discuss any practical and viable strategies that can be developed to raise awareness and to tackle this increasing problem. Various groups and organisations are and have been actively trying to tackle this problem but it was suggested a broader meeting to discuss all the various strategies and maybe finding some practical activity together, could be yet another way of helping to bring this issue to the fore.

The meeting is to be held in the Multi Cultural Resource Centre, Sept 17th at 7pm. Address 9 Lower Crescent BT7. (The street across from the Empire, and is beside the One World Centre in S/Belfast) Those groups, organisations and individuals who would be interested in attending the meeting are welcome. It will be informal and open to all to have an input. For further information contact Nathalie at the Multi Cultural Resource Centre at or alternatively you can contact myself at

DUBLIN: No Human Is Illegal

Public meeting
Liberty Hall, Dublin 7.30pm WEDS SEPT 17th

Speakers: Elizabeth Adeyinka Salako (Mother of Irish children - facing deportation)
Dr Ronit Lentin (Ethnic and Racial Studies, Trinity College)
Joe Carolan (Globalise Resistance)
Rosanna Flynn (Residents Against Racism) and speaker from SIPTU

No Human is Illegal - Let the Parents of Irish Children Stay

Eleven thousand asylum seekers face immediate deportation under new laws announced by Minister of Injustice Michael Mc Dowell. On 17 July Mc Dowell announced that parents of Irish children were also to be deported - his
officials immediately issued the first 400 notices of deportation. They were told that they only had 15 days to appeal- but without legal aid for a process that could cost between 2-4,000 euro.

This follows a disgraceful Supreme Court decision in February removing the right of parents to remain with Irish born children. While these Irish children cannot be legally deported, they will be forced to leave the country with their families. In effect, this marks the beginning of a new definition of what it means to be Irish- it will now be officially racialised.

FF/PDs scapegoat immigrants for their own mistakes

Ireland is now the most globalised economy in the world. Giant multinationals are free to open (and all too often, close) their factories here, with huge tax breaks and subsidies. They expatriate billions of euros profit from Ireland everyday - in reality, they are the real parasites. Their friends in Fianna Fail and the PDs always boast how this corporate globalisation is good for Ireland, yet they are now attacking the human face of globalisation. A multicultural Ireland whose children have parents from elsewhere.

Fianna Fail and the PDs are deeply unpopular- they won the last election by pretending that the Celtic Tiger boom would continue. The economy is going into recession, and they have made a mess of our hospitals, public transport and services. Now, rather than have us turn our anger on them and their rich friends who ripped this country off during the boom, they want us to scapegoat immigrants to take attention off themselves.

Human Globalisation versus Corporate Globalisation

Globalise Resistance believes that everybody has the right to live and work in this new global economy. If capital and corporations are free to move around the world, then so too should people. We oppose all forms of racism, whether on the streets or from official channels. We think ordinary people have more in common with each other than with the governments or corporations, and that we should unite for a multicultural world free from racism, hunger and war. We agree with the revolutionary James Connolly, who in the 1916 proclamation declared that all the children of the nation should be cherished equally. That means not ripping their families apart.

Globalise Resistance needs volunteers to help with the resistance to Mc Dowell's deportations. If you can help in any way, please text us at 087 9032281 or email us at





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All censorships exist to prevent any one from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently the first condition of progress is the removal of censorships.
- George Bernard Shaw

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11 September 2003


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