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Choosing to Ignore the Facts: Not the fault of the Left

A response to Fred Wilcox's article, How We Progressives Helped Elect G.W. Bush

Tara LaFreniere • 8 November 2004

I know the US Presidential election post mortem will be ongoing for sometime. For my part, and on behalf of the liberal left, I will only accept so much responsibility for the soft-minded decisions made by the “red middle” of my country. How much more time could the left spend explaining the outrageous and growing national debt, the limit of which has been raised three times? What about the rising gas prices and that affected every American with an Automobile? And who hasn’t been made aware of the alliance between the Saudi royal family and the Bush clan, which without doubt directly impacts the aforementioned pricing? How often are we to remind them of the war which the administration admitted was undertaken under false pretenses? Should I send them each a photo of the 1,000 + dead American soldiers? Who hasn’t heard of Halliburton?

What about the extent to which the President and his Cabinet has done nothing to bridge the ideological gap out of which sprang 9/11, but rather has only caused it to grow deeper?

(This information was available on every news outlet and in most papers and on numerous websites.)

The left has done as much as possible to demonstrate that it is in the self interest of each individual, as well as the interest of the nation, to remove this regime. I will not wax lyrical about those people with old fashioned American dreams and values. The fact is if these people cannot look at the state of this country, not only economically but also in the eyes of the world, and vote for a better life, then ignorance is the only befitting label. I do not call them stupid, because I’m certain they have ample cerebral aptitude, but rather I call them ignorant, because they choose to ignore the facts. This also has nothing to do with class, as I’ve come across the ignorant at the ballpark as well as the university. Likewise, I will not say those who voted to keep this tyrannical administration were brain washed. In fact, they were presented with all the information they could possibly need in order to make their decision. If on November 2, voters cast their ballot for Bush it was entirely the result of their refusal to use reasoning and the simple logical skills necessary to reflect on the past and bring that information to bear on the future.

The vast majority of my home state, which Kerry won, is working class. Time and again I heard lobstermen, laborers and retail outlet employees questioning gas prices, the rising cost of living, and the wasted money and lives spent in Iraq. Surely these are not ivy leaguers in disguise. However, these ‘regular Americans’ were capable of grasping the reality of our current status as a nation on the rapid decline.

You do not have to be a genius, only paying attention.





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11 November 2004

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