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Evident Steps Needs Support

Tara LaFreniere • 18 August 2005

While I was dismayed to read several of the recent articles regarding the IRA’s self declared change of status, I cannot say I was surprised. Ultimately what the detractors must accept is that this move was completely benign.

For the IRA to make the statement it did was nothing unexpected or shocking. It can be called landmark or historic because it put a formal declaration to the reality facing the politicians in the forefront of discussions. Very little political acumen is required to follow the logic of this move as carried out by the designers of the plan under which the right wing Republican movement has operated since the early 1990’s, if not long before.

Quite frankly the Northern Irish bank robbery was as good as a telegram. As soon as it became clear who the perpetrators were it was obvious this would be “one more for the road.”

For quite some time it has been evident to Sinn Fein that the only business to succeed would be the business of democracy and politics.

The steps had to be taken to ensure that the movement would be given the proper place in the new democratic reality. Those in the Adams camp are to be applauded for recognizing the shift in the paradigm and maneuvering to be certain their branch of the Republican movement would be dealt its fair share of cards.

As a matter of fact, I believe that they have used an astute politician strategy to earn more power than strictly justified. This being the case, they have not sold out, but worked in earnest to ensure the movement would go forward with the ammunition necessary to fight the good fight on a new battle field, a landscape chosen not by government or political party, but by the evolution of the human being as a social and political creature.

The armed struggle had its place and time, but that time has past, and to move forward is to embrace a new standard. Most groups would not be unable to make this change successfully; let’s hope the Republican movement can marshal the
support it needs to ensure it will achieve their ultimate goal.

























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29 August 2005

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