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Why Can't We?

Patrick Lismore • 25 June 2004

As a young adult living and growing up in West Belfast I ask this question to the more experienced, more educated and more mature.

Growing up through the end of the troubles and all of the lead up to the GFA, I am left disillusioned. Why are we still in this position in 2004?

Why can't we?

If I could draw your attention to Georgia, not so long ago there was a "Velvet Revolution" where every man, woman and child was out and made a stand!! A Revolution without a single shot being fired.

Why can't we!

What is really preventing the more experienced, more educated and more mature in organising at the grass roots level a movement, whatever your political ethos? The Main thing is Irish Unity. In every large city and town. Using the Worlds Media to show that the majority of the people want Ireland as a Sovereign Nation not as a partitioned country.

Why can't we!

Why can we not show the world that we are strong, tight, united people instead of the disillusioned fractured, divided and partitioned people.

Why can't we!

What's to stop the political parties north and south from contributing to a demonstration in Dublin or Belfast with the support of their respected electorates to show that we as a nation want to be one?

Why can't we!

Why can't the Free state (5 million) stand up and show the world that they are equal and they recognise that their Irish brothers and sisters in the northern 6 counties still work on their behalf to unite the country- why can we not see that the people of the free state care?

And could some tell me how 1 million unionists are able to prevent 5 million Irish people to reunite their country?

If it was a Democracy, I always thought that it was the majority that won a debate.

The State of Israel, 5 million population, it defends itself and it has its right to self rule. Bordered by 3 other countries and a small country was able to defend itself in a war that lasted 6 days!!!

Ireland cannot even show the world that it wants to be united.

Irish People need to take some pride in themselves; a united Ireland with a stable economy is better for all people of all political strands. Decisions need to be made by the people. It's time for the people to speak, not for and elected few to speak on our behalf.

Why can't we!!

Why can't we do it right one time!!!

Why can't we show the unionists that a united Ireland is much more better than being a leech of Britain?

Why can't the people speak up!!! Stand Up for our rights and let the world know that we will have what is rightfully ours.

The land of saints & scholars.

Bertie Ahern holds the presidency of the EU and yet with all that influence we can not get cohesion in Ireland; the seeds of division were sown by the British, with our country people too busy with their own personal agendas. Irish America 40 million+ are there to help if only we do it right and do it right one time with the help of all!!

So where do we go from here, more educated and more mature, do we sit here and discuss ways in which would be best for our country or do we sit here and speak about other people's personal agendas? I certainly don't have the answer. I think we all need to pull together; everyone has their part to play.

Why can't we IRELAND
Why can't we brother
Why can't we sister
Why can't we be free!





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All censorships exist to prevent any one from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently the first condition of progress is the removal of censorships.
- George Bernard Shaw

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25 June 2004

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